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Marketing your web site and services with twitter

July 31st, 2013 · No Comments

Marketing your web site and services with twitter

Marketing your services or products with twitter is becoming increasingly effective. The trick is to get your tweets seen or noticed above the level of traffic or noise twitter produces in general.

The golden rule is to write  good interesting content and then use twitter to get it noticed.  Image you are reading a page of content on your web site – is it interesting or is it just you promoting a product with no regard for your audience. Once you have written good content then spend some time writing a series of interesting tweets that promote the content that often linked to your service or product.

The GardenAdvice Marketing teams rules for marketing on Twitter 

1. Link your Social media such as Facebook and blogs into your tweeter feed so that any posts or articles you publish are automatically tweeted on your twitter page. Using an automated system its important to create interesting titles for you social media post because this is the message you automatic twitter feeds with generate.
2. If you are promoting a product or service create a number of tweets around your products and services focusing on the benefits to the client or customer.  Remember no one is interested in your products and services just what your products and services can do for them. Always link your tweets about products and services to good interesting content.
3. Join other peoples or businesses  twitter feeds that you think your audience might be interested in or might be interested in your product or service and if they join your twitter feed then send them a direct message about a service or product you have that might interest them. Make the message focused and not generalized maybe offer them an addition special promotion.

4. The key with twitter is always with Internet promotion creating a message that will go viral. In twitter terms thats a re-tweet when a person receiving your message re-tweets it to the people that follow them.

Twitter can also be useful for launching new articles on your web site. If you use the full web page URL in the twitter posting, you will find Google and other search engines pick up the link quickly and publishes your content in its search index.

If you are a GardenAdvice marketing client you will be already receiving assistance in helping you plan your own twitter campaigns


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