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Less traffic more sales

July 31st, 2013 · No Comments

Less traffic more sales

Stop chasing traffic for your web site and start chasing sales – if you have a good product or service then spending time selling them will create traffic from viral activity on the Internet  from your customers.

Generating traffic for a web site is easy, often our clients ask us to generate traffic for a web site they own or operate and when we ask what type of traffic they need the answer is almost always the same ” any traffic as long as it traffic ” they seem to think that traffic will generate sales and to a certain extent this is true but with traffic come additional costs and administration time so its important to generate the right type of traffic for your web site.
A good example is last year the GardenAdvice marketing team launched a campaign to promote our” Free Garden design course” and some free competition and offer web sites picked up the offer and  for 72 hours we had on average one person every 15 seconds signing up for the service.  The result was that even through we have highly automated systems to deal with enquiries the administration costs over took the income from the promotion. The reason being  free competition and offer web sites have a large numbers of clients that just enjoy entering competitions and signing up for offers and they are not to discriminating as to what they sign up for they just love the word free.
Creating the right traffic for a web site is not easy but its not impossible either.
The key is testing with on line tools from Facebook and Google often freely available.
The GardenAdvice top tips for producing the right type of traffic for your web site using offers, content and promotions.
1. offers and promotions are good but say away from the word “free” unless it has a value related to the purchase of another product or service rather go with discounts and extended offers or combination offers with other businesses
2. content is “king” if you are going to promote a promotion make sure you also add new or updated content to your web site this will help to magnify the effect of the additional traffic coming into your web site.
3. Test your promoting before you fully promote your promotion with test  through Facebook pages and Google webmaster free software.  Its sometimes the items viewers pick up on when looking at a promotion is not what you expect
4. Plan for a prolonged promotion – its important to support your promotion for up to 12 months with further related offers and promotions and emails to viewers that showed and interest in your original offer, but do not overdo the emails or
twitter messages.
5. Look to create offers and promotions with other businesses – Remember every product has a package and every package has an audience.
If you are a GardenAdvice marketing client, then its all part of the service we will help you plan campaigns to increase the right type of traffic to your web site with Gardenadvice promotions and external web sites

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