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Launching this autumn the GardenAdvice text marketing service

August 11th, 2013 · No Comments

The Gardenadvice Text marketing service – launching this autumn.

In promoting Gardenadvice.co.uk advertising and marketing clients services and products we have always tried to add a value to our viewers and members my informing them about products and services that will be of use to them in connection with advice they are seeking or on a garden or home project they are undertaking. Our new text marketing service launching this autumn is a good example of this.
We have created a follow up text service for the advice we provide our members and viewers. When we are asked to provide advice often our advice extends past the date the advice is asked for. An example of this is with the advice we often provide on slugs, a viewer or member asking for advice on slugs in April will receive advice by email and /or buy phone followed up by a opt in text message the following year triggered by weather conditions indication its the best time to apply biological control methods to control early season slugs. The text messages include url short codes to on line videos sponsored by supplier that can be watched on a smart phone and links to the Gardenadvice.co.uk expert supplier with a product or service in relation to the advice being provided.
Our viewers and members see the texts messages as a positive and helpful image of our marketing partners and the product and service they supply and compared to other marketing channels such as emails and twitter post the sales take up is far greater.
For further information contact your GardenAdvice partnership manager

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