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Creating instant sales according to local weather conditions

September 26th, 2013 · No Comments

GardenAdvice.co.uk main objective is to provide advice and information to a range of people and organisations within our sector of gardening, conservation and environmental issues with a focus on practical solutions. Our main channel for this at the moment is our MyGardenTeam serviceĀ 
The MyGardenTeam service allows our clients to team up with an expert gardener to help them with a gardening project or ongoing gardening projects with advice in person, on line and by phone. In simple terms the process is as follows
1. Requests for assistance with a gardening or conservation project
2. We organise the project and schedule events in a MyGardenTeam service calendar notification is based on local conditions. Notifications are by text message or email and include links to our sponsors as part of the solution in connection with a clients project. i.e a slug problem in a garden. When the accumulative temperature reaches a certain point in the spring it triggers alerts to our members on an area by area bases to apply slug control measures. The alert texts and/or emails including our sponsors details generating sales or interest in a product.
The local alerts are triggered by information from 60 small weather stations we have installed in a number of our members gardens.
In connection with our MyGardenTeam service and these alerts we are in the final stages of developing an app for smart mobiles that allows people to ask for advice directly from a smart phone, a widget that sits on a mobile or desktop to display the alerts. And a plant label that using a clients household wireless creates a local weather and light conditions reporting system for each garden on the MyGardenTeam service.
For your details contact your GardenAdvice Partnership manager

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