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Climate Net launched today to assist GardenAdvice advertisers with weather related sales

September 30th, 2013 · No Comments

Today the GardenAdvice team have launched Climate Net which is a local reporting system to help us assist our MyGardenTeam members with the timing of a number of gardening takes such as sowing crops and pest alerts. Climate Net is scheduled to expand over the next 12 months to provide a more localised data to assist our MyGardenTeam members.
In addition to the data provided being able to create plant care schedules Climate Net is providing data to assist our advertisers with localised marketing campaigns. Planning marketing campaigns in relation to outdoor goods sales has always been difficult having to plan media campaigns in advance just to find out that as the campaign launches the weather is not suitable ” a good example being the Easter break ” which is often damp and rainy. Whist GardenAdvice Climate Net does not allow long range forecasting it can be used to create short term models for multiple localised marketing campaigns which can quickly be launched on such channels as facebook and google. For further information on how Climate Net from Gardenadvice can help you advertising contact your GardenAdvice partnership manager

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