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We are looking for additional expert suppliers

January 6th, 2014 · No Comments

GardenAdvice is looking for new Expert Suppliers and for companies to feature in our Supplier Directory. Both are used to recommend a product or a service to our members and viewers in relation to a question they have asked.  For example part of our response to a request on how to deal with white fly would include a link and recommendation to a supplier of biological control methods.

Suppliers Directory

A simple directory of  products and services we trust to recommend to our viewers and members in relation to a gardening question or gardening project.  For further information on our suppliers directory click here

Expert Supplier

Our Expert suppliers are a step forward from our Suppliers directory where we actively recommend a product and service to our members and viewers. Placing your product and service in front of a number of people that had a need to purchase it.  All our Expert Supplier products come with a minimum sales guarantee for the product or service being promoted over a 12 month period. Our entry level marketing is £125 per year. Email us today and we will tell you what our minimum sales guarantee would be for your product or service.  expertsupplier@gardenadvice.co.uk

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