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Over 4.5 million gardening and home project questions answered and growing

November 29th, 2016 · No Comments

Since GardenAdvice started in 1999 we have been answering a growing number of requests for gardening advice and questions every year. Over the years the scope of the questions we have been asked and answered has grown to cover home projects such as surface drainage and the production of flowers for weddings plus a whole host of conservation and environmental issues.

The GardenAdvice team are reaching our initial target of answering 5 million requests for Gardening advice and gardening questions. Since we started in 1999 we have answered over 4 million requests for assistance.

Help us reach our target by asking us a question or request some advice on your garden or garden project

Win £2000 of labour and plants for your spring garden development – become the person to ask the Gardenadvice team the gardening question that becomes our 4,500,000 gardening question over the past 17 years since we started in 1999 and win £2000 of labour, plants, materials and garden designs for your spring garden development.

Ask as many questions as you wish as of today 29th November 2017 we have been asked 4,472,353 questions. For further information on our spring gardening projects click here

Ask us a for some GardenAdvice or a gardening questions click here


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