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Our Sales Guarantee

The GardenAdvice sales guarantee for your product or service

Our sales or interest guarantee in your product or service is a promise by Gardenadvice to delivery a minimum level of sales or measurable interest in your product or service over a 12 month period.  It enables us to tell you the minimum results in relation to the sales and interest you will receive in marketing with us for your product or service. Our guarantee enables you to make informed decisions with regards to the value of the marketing and sales services on the GardenAdvice channels.

Why – the easiest question to answer, if you market your product or service with us we want you to stay forever, its hard finding new customers. Plus it sets the standard at our end and makes our job measurable so we see how successful we are. Its also a lot of fun at our end striving to meet the targets we have set for your product or service.

How – its all down to experience, 12 years of it, we can estimate from our data who many of our views, members and most importantly our clients on our MyGardenTeam service are likely to require your service or product service over a 12 month period. But most importantly our guarantees sets a bench mark for our partnership managers to work to, creating the situation where our partnership managers start to think outside the box in creating ideas to promote your products and service to our clients in response to an existing need.

How we delivery to you – weekly and month reports on our planned activity around your product or service plus the all important requests for information and purchase requests for your product or service from our members and clients.

The small print – if we fail to deliver unlikely but possible we simply keep doing with no cost to you until we meet our Guaranteed level of sales or interest in your product or service.

Its to good to be true but if you consider our guarantee, we assist and advise your existing or potential clients and customers every hour of every day, day in day out and have done for the past 12 years. Most other channels for advertising or marketing for your products or services such as newspapers and other web sites simply do not have the same amount of contact with your clients or customers both existing or potential, The next time you advertise on a web site or newspaper just ask them if they will be sending you a list of sales requests or sales opportunities from the channels viewers or users – because thats what you will be getting from the GardenAdvice team every month.

If you consider it to good to be true its likely that your competitor is willing to invest a small amount of money with us to test the theory. The GardenAdvice sales guarantee start a £125 per year based on a text base link in an article on our web site.

Contact us today and find out what the guaranteed level or sales or interest would be in your service or product. We promise not to try to hard sell you to buy advertising or marketing from us, with a Guaranteed level or sales or interest you will be able to make a properly informed decision for your business. Contact us at marketing@gardenadvice.co.uk