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How We Work

How our partnership managers work to promote your products or service.

Most people that work in selling marketing and advertising services are only interested in selling space, banner adds and a whole number of other products. They have no knowledge of your products or services and focus on numbers and commission, have a great telephone voice and are persistent to the point of being annoying.

In contrast our Partnership managers, have no interest in just selling you space or banner ads, they are all terrible on the phone.  They have only one interest getting to understand your product or service and helping you to promote it and sell it to our viewers, members and clients and meeting our sales guarantees to you. By now you will be thinking this is a bit unbelievable, but its really exciting and great fun at our end which makes it work. We love helping sole traders, companies, multi nationals and others to sell and promote the products and services they have because of the great feed back we get.

How we work with your product or service

First we research your product or service normally by asking our members for feed back, then we place you on our channel, the web sites, Facebook pages and other areas as a text link, a down load or being featured item in one of our videos.

Next we create a plan of how we are going to promote your product or service over the next 30 days for as an expert supplier with GardenAdvice  See some examples below of where we promote products and services.

  • Our blogs, facebook and and twitter feeds
  • Our MyGardenTeam Network
  • Our newsletters
  • Press articles we provide to a number of newspapers and magazines both on and off line
  • Special offers to our members and partners
  • Inclusion of product and service information in the advice we provide to our viewers and members
  • Co Branded gardening clubs for many of the largest UK firms.
  • Marketing cluster groups
  • Text message to our viewers,members and clients in follow up messages in connection to advice they have been given featuring your product or service.
  • Other channels your promote your product or service contact us for further details.

Our Invoicing for our marketing and advertising products is simple we charge you an agreed set up fee you pay after we have set everything up and you are happy. Then in the case of Expert Suppliers they are invoiced at the end of a 30 day period during which time your marketing or advertising with us will have been live. If you are not happy with how its gone at the end of 30 days we do not invoice you or your company and you have no further obligation.  Click here for our price list

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