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Gardening Calendar December 2017

Prepared by Tim Whitcombe


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As spring get nearer its the last change you will have to winter wash your fruit trees and bushed

Its a great way to make sure they get of to a great start in the spring as winter washing is a great way to help remove all the over wintering pests and disease than hide out on your plants ove rthe winter under the bark or in cracks at stem joints etc


For further information on winter washing click here


Another job in the garden at this time of year often overlooked is to feed your flower borders gardeners spend hours applying mulch to the soil in the flower borders but very few feed the borders. A simple dressing of a basic fertilizer such as Growmore will help achieve better flowers. In also offsetts the effect of the soil bacteria using all the available nutrients in the soil trying to break down the mulch. So the message is feed and mulch. Feed for better flowers and mulch for weed control and water retention.


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