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Garden Stream

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One day gardening courses on growing your own vegetables..


Become a gardener in 2019 with a GardenAdvice Gardening Course.

Also available as a gift voucher for the gardener in your life


If you fancy growing your own veg then this course is a great place to start. The course lasts for a day and takes you through all the basics you need to know to get you own organic vegetable garden started . The following areas are covered -


Basic gardening techniques such as digging, seed sowing, pruning, planting and watering.

Organic principles  How to work with your soil and keep it producing good crops year after year.

Basic construction methods How to build raised beds and hot bed and other useful structures.

Pest and diseases how to control them by using organic methods and creating a natural balance in your garden to keep them under control.

Creating special areas in your garden including a organic veg plot, fruit garden, perennial borders and water features.

Planning  a  years crops Making the most of the space you have available 


All the GardenAdvice courses are available in the following formats.

Home course for a day in your own garden for you or you and your friends for up to 12 people. One of our GardenAdvice garden advisors comes to you and carries out the course costing £165 per day. We tailor the course to your gardeing interests and the person organising the course gets 12 months membership to our MyGardenTeam service included in the cost. Available to purchase as a gift voucher as a xmas or birthday etc.


One day gardening course in a GardenAdvice garden around the UK see our gardening course facebook page for more details costing £165 per person including lunch and membership to our MyGardenTeam service. Available to purchase as a gift voucher as a xmas or birthday etc.


One to three day residential gardening courses held in our main UK garden 5 miles North of Dorchester, Dorset see our gardening course facebook page for more details costing £180 per person per day including bed and breakfast plus lunch for you and your non gardening partner. Discounts available for single people attending our residential gardening course and two people both attending one of our residential courses sharing a room.


For Further details of the course in your area please email us at courses@gardenadvice.co.uk or phone us on 01225 637218

Dates and venues for 2018

Learn about organising your own courses with the GardenAdvice team


For the latest update follow our Gardening Courses face-book page Click here