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Try The MyGardenTeam Service For Free on trial For 14 days - see how having your own gardening expert can help you achieve more from your garden Click Here

Its your very own gardening expert available to give you personal advice and assistance by telephone, email and garden visits £149 per year

Its a simple idea that provides you with your own gardening expert in the form of a personal gardening assistant. A real live fully trained gardener to give you advice on your gardening questions and projects and if you need it a helping hand to get you started or to rescue a gardening project thats gone slightly stray.

Together with your very own gardening expert on the MyGardenTeam team you will plan the objectives for your gardening project. You might want to rescue an existing garden which has turned into a jungle or start a new garden from scratch. Then your MyGardenTeam expert will create a plan of action just for you taking into account your objectives and the time and resourses you have available.

Your gardening expert on the MyGardenTeam team is a fully trained gardener who will be able to guide you through every stage of your gardening project showing you gardening tips as well as ways to save money and time. The MyGardenTeam is a network of expert horticulturists so if you need advice or help on another part of your garden or such as creating a vegetable garden or improving a lawn simply request a free bolt on subject to your MyGardenTeam service and you will receive the assistance with expert knowledge and planing help you need.

The MyGardenTeam service includes




- Add additional subject modules to your MyGardenTeam service free of charge to help you in other areas of your garden.

- Garden Plants - advice and notifications on pruning and maintaining your garden plants and trees plants.

- Garden bulbs - advice on when to plant and how to care for your indoor and outdoor bulbs

- Lawns - if your ambition to have a first class lawn then this subject module will help you organise the yearly tasks

- Fruit Garden - pest and disease knowledge, late frost alerts and expert advice on task to help you create a great fruit garden.

- Pest and disease - advice and notifications on a whole range of garden pests and disease back up with expert solutions.

To arrange a free 14 day trial email us at Click Here you will receive an email telling you how to set up your free trial.

MyGardenTeam also provides you with our ground breaking genesis-green4 online software combined with wordpress weblog software.