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Winter fruit tree pruning and care - Apple and Pear trees and bushes

Winter pruning and care of apple and pear trees is the basic foundation for quality fruits later the following autumn. The purpose of the winter pruning and care of apple and pear trees is to encourage fruiting spurs which is were the fruit buds and the following fruit are developed.

Basic care notes Winter pruning and care Apple and Pears

In November once the trees or bushes have started to become dormant and the leaves have fallen you should look to carry out the pruning. Firstly start by looking for any diseases wood or branches.

The main disease you are looking for is canker which is a bacteria diseases causing deformed branches and cankerous growths. Secondly look for dead wood which can be cut out

When you have finished the pruning an application of tar wash should be applied using a sprayer with the spray head set so it produces a jet of spray. The tar wash should be allowed to run down the stems and trunks. This kills all the over wintering pests and pest eggs which hide themselves in the cracks and holes in the bark on the stems waiting until spring when they emerge onto the new spring growth

We normally apply a mulch of mushroom compost and a dressing of grow more fertilizer around the base of the trees.

Finally apply a grease band about a third of a metre up the main stem. This stops some insects that crawl up the stems lay eggs and eat the spring foliage and young fruits.

The GardenAdvice team have launched a winter fruit tree pruning service which is available from November untilthe end of February. The service includes pruning your fruit trees and bushes, removing the prunings, tar washing the fruit plants, applying grease bands and feeding the fruit trees or bushes. The cost is £35 for the first fruit tree, £30 for next fruit trees and £25 for every fruit tree in the same garden after the first two. For futher information email us at admin@gardenadvice.co.uk