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Vegetable garden calendar week no.8 - Third week in February



Apply Lime to Vegetable gardens

This is the time to apply garden lime to the areas of your veg garden you are intending to grow cabbages, cauliflowers and other brassicas. These plants prefer neutral -alkaline soil and adding lime to your soil will help achieve this. To determine the amount of lime you need to apply you will need to carry out a soil test. creating a alkaline soil will also help control club root disease. 



Seed Beds in Cold Frames. 

Seed beds can now be prepared and sown with vegetables that are transplanted out later on. By sowing in cold frames earlier and better quality plants can be produced. The seed bed should be broken up and raked to a fine tilth. Improve the bed by forking into the top 10cm a generous quantity of Multi Purpose Compost. A light dressing of general purpose fertilizer is also a good idea, or rely on liquid feeding as the plants grow. Sow seed very thinly to avoid the need to thin out later on. the rows need only be about 15cm apart. Vegetables that can be sown into Nursery Beds now are :- Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce. 


Runner Beans preparation 

Runner Beans need a soil with plenty of organic matter, Pick a sheltered but sunny spot, where the shade cast by the plants will not be a problem. For best results take out a trench this week. The trench should be 60cm wide x 30cm deep. Fork manure or garden compost into the bottom of the trench and then fill almost to the top with the manure or compost. With Runner Beans it is not essential for the organic matter to be very well rotted. Even unrotted green matter can be put into the trench. Leave the trench open for now if more is to be added later, or fill in and mark the corners with canes so the trench location will be known later. The plants are not put out until May. 



Seeds and Sundries 

Anyone who hasn't already done so, should be brousing the catalogues, websites and visiting the garden centres and DIY shops. Catalogues and websites offer a far greater range of varieties and therefore, they are better for the serious gardener. Many products are not found in garden centres that can be purchased through mail order. Don't be caught out, leaving things too late. Try to get the orders in this week. 



Sow Aubergine and Tomato Seeds 

Sow seeds in small pots on your window sill or in a heated greenhouse propagator for plants that are to be grown under glass. Refer to the 'grow guide' for sowing and growing tips. 



Winter Digging 

Continue with Winter digging if weather conditions allow. Ideally this should be completed as soon as possible, but if the ground is very wet, then it is better to stay off it for now. Incorporate manure or garden compost as you go. leave the surface rough, but level until sowing or planting time. Those plots requiring lime should be limed after digging. Leave on the surface to wash in.











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