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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Kohi Rabi

With its interesting nutty with a slight celery/cabbage taste Kohi Rabi has become a popular vegetable for the home gardener growing his or her own vegetables. Two forms are available both green and purple. Its from the brassica family and has edible swollen stems best eaten when they reach the size of a golf ball. Able to tolerant of warm weather and grow quickly its an ideal mid season crop. From a number of sowing through May, June and July taking between 8 to 10 weeks to mature.


Sow seeds 13mm (0.5in) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart and make sure the seeds are well firmed into the soil so they make contact with the soil and are able to take up enough soil moisture to break the seed dormancy.


The main pest to watch out for and provide protection against are birds and cabbage root fly.


It's important to harvest when the plants are young and the swollen stem bases are between golf- and tennis ball-size. But tastier at the size of a golf ball . If you leave them too long they lose their taste and tenderness. Plants can be harvested until mid-December from late sowings.

The leaves can also be eaten.










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