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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Bugs, slugs and other invaders

Sometimes, it's just no fun being a gardener: all those aphids, slugs and
other pests waiting to destroy your hard work and efforts. However, that
could all change if you read a book that landed on my desk a few weeks ago.
Bugs, slugs and other invaders: 50 ways to beat them, published by Hamlyn -
one of the smallest gardening books I have seen, but with some of the most
useful information you will ever read. With a good deal of humour and
cartoon sketches, this book provides 50 ways in which you can fight the
fight against your garden invaders; from aphids to cats and slugs to mice,
you will find a solution in this book.

Containing some sound and informed information on a garden's friends and
foes, it explains how to control the foe organically and encourage the
friend such as ladybirds and hedgehogs to fight on your behalf.

A brilliant book every gardener should read and, if you are not a gardener
and live in a flat with only one window and no plants, then it's still worth
reading because it will make you smile and that's worth five quid of
anyone's money.

So remember the "bug stops here" its up to you, now Click here



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