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"Roses grow best on heavy clay soils with lots of organic matter helping to keep the surface roots moist and wet!"

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Grow Your Own Veg - Carol Klein

For anyone hoping to start growing their own vegetables, Grow Your Own Veg,
written by Carol Klein, published by Mitchell Beazley, is the ideal place to
start. Taking you through each stage in a methodical way, covering planning
and preparation plus other practical matters, such as soil type and
drainage, the book contains just the right amount of information to help get
you started and greatly increases your chances of success in producing your
own veg.

Unlike some books on the subject of growing your own veg, Carol does not
harp on about the issues surrounding organic and non-organic veg; although
it is mentioned. The book enables you to start swiftly in reaching your
goal: growing your own veg.

Included is a very useful and extensive crop guide covering most crops you
will wish to grow and a few additional extras you might not have considered,
such as edible flowers.

Although written as an informative book, it's not without its entertaining
side; such as the information about Jerusalem artichokes: apparently, eating
them can induce wind as the body cannot breakdown the carbohydrates - we
learn new information every day.

Within a few days Grow Your Own Veg by Carol Klein has become a Garden
Advice staff favourite. Carol clearly has a great depth of knowledge and a
passion for gardening, which comes across in this book. If you are already
growing, or, if you wish to grow, your own veg then this book is for you and
we have no doubt it will ensure your success.


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