GardenAdvice lawn care
With your MyGardenTeam service comes 75 square metres of free lawn care included in the price of the service based on two treatments a year spring and autumn.
Initial lawn care to get your lawn up to speed 

We treat your lawn with an initial weed and feed treatment. Adjust your lawn soils pH if required de-thatch your lawn. Overseed if required and beef up the soils beneficial bacteria and fungi 
The initial care treatments in the spring and autumn form the bases for a well balanced lawn environment especially with regards to soil condition removing the need for high nitrate treatments 
Our initial treatments all start with a soil test and nutrient test every lawn is different and no too lawns are treated the same.
Additional lawn areas over the included 75 square metres are charged at 35 pence per square metre per visit so for a lawn 160 square metres we would charge and additional £59 per year for two visits 
Pay as you go treatments 

( available after a lawn has being initially treated and assessed by MyGardenTeam member ) 
Easy mow less cutting of your lawn 35 pence per metre per treatment 
Event lawn if you have a special event coming up such as a wedding or party a month before we will feed your lawn to it looks extra special for your event 25 pence per metre per treatment 
Spot treatment of weeds – free service 
Fungal treatment in the autumn if required 15 pence per metre
Lawn repair for damaged areas £6 to £16 per metre

For a lawn using all our services which is 160 metres square it would be 
Two visits at 75 metres free of charge plus £59 for additional areas 
Three easy mow applications £168
Event lawn £40 
Fungal treatment £24 
Damaged areas 3 metres total £48 
Total cost for the year £339.00