Lawns – environmental disaster areas. Most of us love a nice lawn but the price to the local environment can he high. The use of high nitrate fertilisers on a large number of lawns amounting to a massive acreage of high nitrate feeds effecting ground water and the organic processes of soil lowering the soil ph to a level where it effects the natural the natural recycling of dead organic matter spells out an environmental disaster.
The way forward is to use more organic slow release fertilisers to maintain a more balanced approach to lawn nutrients combined with a careful monitoring of the lawn soils pH Its still possible to create and maintain a great lawn with this more balanced approach as the picture below shows one of our 

Now our free lawn service for our MyGardenTeam members which provides lawn care up to 75 square metres is taking a bit more or a balanced approach with the use of slow release fertilizer and the closer monitoring of soil pH and bacteria levels in the lawn soil

The picture shows a MyGardenTeam member using our more environmental lawn care option to achieve great results