If you have loads of ideas for your garden and want to create a design but have no idea where to start the the MyGardenTeam service from GardenAdvice combined with our Online garden design course could be the answer for you.

The GardenAdvice advisors have designed our online garden design course to help you design your own garden at home. The course has been designed for novice and experienced gardeners. To complete the course you do not need any plant knowledge, landscape knowledge, or drawing skills.

The way the course works:

Using the Internet, digital cameras and the telephone, the course has been designed to enable you to team up with one of the GardenAdvice garden designers to help you through every stage step by step. Once you have signed up you will be appointed a designer on the GardenAdvice team to help and advise you on your garden design. Together, by using the course materials sent to you and over the Internet, you will develop your own design with our help and guidance.

The course materials are designed to take you through every stage from concept to construction and include the following –

  • Finding your new garden concept
  • Choosing a style – Setting the scale – Basic design skills, general design
  • Design problems – Hard landscaping elements
  • Planting designs – Finishing touches
  • Contact details for your appointed GardenAdvice designer

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