Designing and building your own garden and seeing it come together is great fun and extremely rewarding. The problem is knowing where to start. This is where the MyGardenTeam service from comes into it’s own.  It’s a simple idea that provides you with your own  personal gardening assistant-by assigning you a fully trained gardener to answer your gardening questions and advise on any start up or on-going projects, you can breathe easy in the knowledge that should you need professional words of wisdom in relation to a specific question, or simply reassurance that you are doing the right thing, your MyGardenTeam gardener will always be on hand to help.

If you have big ideas for your outdoor space, you, together with your MyGardenTeam expert, can plan the objectives for you new garden. Taking into account  your personal circumstances-you resources and time available-your MyGardenTeam expert will then  create a list of  objectives and a plan of action including a unique garden design, created especially for you.

To follow one of our MyGardenTeam members creating a new garden with the MyGardenTeam service  Click Here