MyGardenTeam for a gardening contractor 

Increase your gardening business with a MyGardenTeam partnership with MyGardenTeam commercial 

MyGardenTeam – It’s a simple idea that provides your existing customers and clients with an online gardening expert and a full range of services to help them get the most from their gardening.

MyGardenTeam commercial allows your business to create a co-branded MyGardenTeam service completely run by the MyGardenTeam experts supplying all the advice and gardening knowledge to your your customers or clients.  You benefit with –

50 Percent of the year’s membership fees on a yearly base for members joining through your business 

On average £300 worth of sales per year for your business  per member joining through your co-branded MyGardenTeam service

Increased local marketing for your gardening business 

For your Garden Centre joining the MyGardenTeam service will cost you £350 per annum with a guaranteed income of  £500 per year plus a minimum expected revenue of  £8,000 in plant, care care and landscaping services.

These figures are based on 24 months of the MyGardenTeam service beta testing in the UK and the US

How this works for a Garden Centre

  • We create a co-branded MyGardenTeam service that’s hosted on our MyGardenTeam website, managed and run by the MyGardenTeam team.
  • We create a marketing plan for your business in relation to your  co-branded MyGardenTeam service.
  • Your customers and clients together with the business generated from our co-branded marketing sign up for the Co-Branded MyGardenTeam service. Your receive 50 percent of the yearly MyGardenTeam joining fee every time a member signs up or renews the service through your co-branded MyGardenTeam service.
  • The MyGardenTeam provide advice and information to members of your co-branded service. As part of this advice and information we normally recommend a product or service and direct them where to obtain it which is stocked by your garden center or plant center will be your business. On average this results in over a £200 per year spend by MyGardenTeam members or referrals on gardening services and products for your business.

 How to sign up for a co-branded MyGardenTeam service 

  • Sign up for a free trial of our MyGardenTeam service and include the promotion code “garden contractor” on the sign up form. We will contact you in 24 hours.
  • Our MyGardenTeam new business section will create you a co-branded MyGardenTeam service for your business within 7 days.
  • Once the your co- branded  MyGardenTeam service is created you will be appointed a partnership manager to help you promote the service and manage the sales it creates for your business, your business will be invoiced with a 30 day invoice for £350 which you can cancel up to 30 days from issue if you are not happy with the service or do not wish to proceed.
  • You will be provided with a minimum sales guarantee for a 12 month period which if not met means you will receive a part or full refund of your yearly joining fee.