It’s your very own gardening expert available to give you personal advice and assistance by telephone, email and garden visits* for just £99 per year

It’s a simple idea that provides you with your own gardening expert in the form of a personal gardening assistant. A real live fully trained gardener to give you advice on your gardening questions and projects and if you need it a helping hand to get you started or to rescue a gardening project that’s gone slightly stray. Our expert team will assist you online, over the phone and in person, to create your perfect outdoor living space.

Our service

  • A planting and pruning calendar that is planned by an expert gardener in order to take the hassle out of having the perfect perennials.
  • A personalised landscaping plan.
  •  A Bespoke annual planting plan for your garden.
  •  We will then assist with the construction of your garden, popping around to give you advice when you need it.
  • We will even find you locally sourced materials at the best possible price.
  • Our autumn winter plant swap service, allows you to swap your plants with the other members of my garden team.
  • Our twice annual lawn service which includes scarification, spiking and a spring and autumn feed created for your lawns individual needs.
  • Garden insurance up to £1,000 included in your annual membership fee
  • Free Tool hire for example small and large chippers