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Get your Gardening product or service listed in our supplier directory



Every hour of every day we are asked by our members and viewers to recommend a product or service to help with a gardening project or problem. Our advice is given free and is valued by gardeners in every country in the world. Our supplier directory is used by our garden advisors, Head gardeners, members and viewers as a quick reference to the products we know and trust.

To apply for a listing in our supplier directory you must have a product that is relevant to gardening either in its enjoyment, maintenance, or creation. Once we have received your application we will consider your application based on your products value for money, quality and customer assistance in relation to information requests and assistance in using your product.


Our own members and garden advisors consider your application on information and comments and user experience. If your product or service is new then we ask one of our seven test teams to carry out a review or we will ask you to provide references from 3 of your customers in the last 12 months.

After your application is received it takes a maximum of 14 days for our team to consider your product for inclusion into our suppliers directory. If your product or service is accepted we will email you and ask you to provide us with some photos and agree a brief description. If your product or service is not accepted we will also email you explaining why and giving you the chance to correct any false impression we have gained about your product.

This is a free service provided to suppliers of gardening products by GardenAdvice.co.uk to assist our members and viewers in finding products suitable for their gardening projects or problems.

To apply please email supplier@gardenadvice.co.uk with a brief description of your product or service including any web site links and full contact details.

Once your product is posted on the GardenAdvice.co.uk supplier directory you will also qualify to apply for an expert supplier status.
Watch a demo video of how GardenAdvice help gardeners and advertiser 
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